Monday, 11 July 2011

Oh Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale, oh the Handmaid's Tale...I get so much a headache reading you...Everything is so grim and dark...Just like all the dystopia so far...

Coffee and Tobacco are complete repose, so a Turkish proverb goes

Coffee oh Black Coffee, how bitter you are, yet how sweet ur taste is, it leaves the utmost bitter-sweet taste of the tip of my tongue~ The after-taste

Oh Cigarette oh Cigarette, how poisonous you are, yet how irresistible it is, it leaves the utmost concentrating, mind-intriguing, reflexive effect on me~

Oh Me oh Me, how deteriorating, corrupt I have become, yet I'd have cling on, from day to day, week to week, an unconquerable instinct, just as one's lungs will always draw the next breath so long as their is air available.

Here is me, leaving to the bathroom, have a cool fresh shower, getting ready to go to school, more the mere sake of scene changing... and back to my Handmaid's Tale.

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