Friday, 16 November 2012


Have you ever thought about matching music with the scene around you?
I have, quite a lot of time.

Chapter 1  Highway
Song: I'm sorry - Gummy ft TOP

Night. Vaguely staring out to nowhere. Cars on the street were running at light-speed. You know how it feels like, passing through a tunnel, with yellow neon lights fliggering here and there. i had earphones on; music was playing at master volume, and suddenly i saw myself racing with the cars outside the window. How beautiful it would be if these cars were running to the rhythm of the music that i was listening to, how magnetic it would all look like when the cars were speeding, washed with all these yellowy red lights, one overpassing the other, one overpassing the other. And they were running un-manned. And this feeling stuck inside for quite a while, until i woke up to the sound of the sun rising, from the west end of the bus window, waiting out for something I didn't even know.

 To be continued. Suddenly tired and sick now. Better go back to work。

Chapter 2   Shinkansen
Song: マアンネヨ Mianhaeyo - Gummy ft TOP Japanese version

There is one greater thing than love. Freedom.
The sky moves as i sit inside shinkansen, departing from Chiba to Tokyo.
The sky opens a vast space above my head. This endlessly stretching blue that shelters me.
Of clouds, threaded like silk, strolling impassionately, drifting from nowhere, heading for nowhere.

There is one greater thing than family, than geographical bounds, than one's roots. Space.
Oh space, mon amour.
Je suis fou for you.

Chapter 3     Elevator
Song: Just a dream - Nelly

Everyday i take the elevator, shielded w glass.
The route is the same: 1st to 30th, 30th to 27th, 27th to 30th, 30th to 1st.
Layers of reddish purple sunset reflected on the window panes.
Where have I been?
Am I falling?

Streams of people passing the street.
Tears coming out of my eyes.
Make it last all night.

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